Ladies Stealth Gi - Black

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With the latest gi to be added to the Tatami range, the Stealth gi adds a touch of covertness with this camo display to leave you sharp and aware on the mat.

Following the lead of our Stealth no-gi set, this kimono version uses dark camo design to create a slick and guileful look. Black on black embroidery with the logos helps distinguish this dark look with the unmistakeable Stealth dark camo featured on the sublimated neck panels. 

The make-up of the gi itself includes a 250GSM jacket with 7oz ripstop pants that feels light but sturdy on your body. Without giving up any grip strength, this design allows you to move, attack and defend in a gi that feels comfortable. 

Key design features:


  • 250GSM Jacket 
  • 7oz ripstop pants
  • Sublimated dark camo neck panels

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