Clean Hugs Soap Bar Peppermint & Lemon
The Lemon and Pepper Mint Clean Hugs soap bar is the freshness you need before and after training. This Soap with its soft and creamy foam, light with tonic fresh scents, will put you back on your feet in no...
RON 41.00
Clean Hugs Soap Bar Spicy
This Clean Hugs soap is made with essential oils of palmarosa, with hints of orange bitters and cinnamon. A very intense combination of fragrances with antifungal, healing and invigorating properties. You won’t have to choose between athlete's life and nightlife...
RON 41.00
Clean Hugs Soap Bar Charcoal
This is the Charcoal variant of Clean Hugs soap. This soap is detoxifying, the activated carbon purifies your skin deeply while at the same time preserving the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin. It meets all the expectations you could...
RON 41.00
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